We Hate You Please Die

We Hate You Please Die
We Hate You Please Die
Hailing from (near) Paris, France WHYPD is a hard band to pin down. Equal parts scathing punk rock fury, jangly garage pop elation, riotous incitement to revolution and darkly poetic introspection, this young avantgarde 4 piece powerhouse seems to revel in the confusion they elicit. Take this sentence from their bio… “However, hope is now here as freaks and underdogs take up arms, some would rather fight than take selfies, voiceless people are screaming, it is time for deconstruction.” …And there you have it. We Hate You Please Die.

“Can’t Wait To Be Fine” is a fitting sequel to their critically acclaimed 2018 full-length “Kids Are Lo-Fi”. While the songs remain raw and almost primal, the listener is immediately aware that each song is carefully crafted and meticulously executed. Sometimes contradictory, sometimes laser focused, these twelve tracks run the gamut of human emotions and genres.

I think the band said it best when asked to describe this new album: “From post-punk to garage through pop, this time anything goes. It might have been what felt most liberating to the band who usually rejects labels. If the topics are tough, having fun is not overlooked, for if this visceral wrath is still in our stomachs, it mustn’t keep us from dancing with the rest of our bodies.”

From the press gallery:

We Hate You Please Die poses the question Confined and hyperconnected, are we losing our nerve? The answer is a big yes. The band playfully criticizes the overuse of Instagram in their new clip. Up the guitars, the shouts and pogos (but at a distance, eh)” – Rolling Stone
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We Hate You Please Die
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Can't Wait To Be Fine
We Hate You Please Die
“Can't Wait To Be Fine”
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