The Expos

The Expos
The Expos
The Expos have been stubbornly blazing their own trail through reggae, roots and ska music since 2003, avoiding obvious influences and opting for more personal reflections on the genre. Heavy bass & drums are offset by a crooning, soft-spoken and soulful vocals. On stage, however, The Expos are a completely different entity, turning the volume up, and crossing the borders between reggae and rack and some third sound that doesn't quite have a name yet.

With the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Old Friends (Stomp Records 2005), they were able to bring their dynamic and unique live show to enthusiastic audiences across Canada & The United States, and have shared the stage with the likes of The Aggrolites, Lynn Taitt, The Slackers, The Planet Smashers, The Flatliners, and Westbound Train.

In October 2009, The Expos unleashed their follow up full-length Blackwater. Filled with driving rhythms, haunting melodies and pop sensibilities, the eleven tracks bring their A game all the while staying true to their punk, rock and roots ethics.


The Expos
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