Raygun Cowboys

Raygun Cowboys
Raygun Cowboys
Raygun Cowboys
Raygun Cowboys
Raygun Cowboys are a brass-heavy, punk rockabilly band hailing from the very best dive bars and back alleys of Edmonton, AB. This 50's influenced 6-piece outfit plays insanely high-energy badass rockabilly with elements of punk and rock n roll that instantly gets people up on the dance floor from the first to the last song.

Formed in 2000, the Cowboys started playing local shows and quickly became the band of choice to support touring acts in western Canada.. The band hit the road shortly after and toured coast to coast several times bringing their amped-up psycho juke joint jive to a legion of fans across the country. In 2007 they added a killer horn section in the form of Nate Connolly, Mike Johnson, and most currently Jonny McCormack, Zach Semanuik, and Mike Androschuck to their traditional 3 piece rockabilly line up. The Cowboys have released five studio albums with the latest being 2019’s “Bloodied But Unbroken”. Following the release of the Cowboy Code original members Derek Thiesen and Oakland Valleau left the group to focus on family and other projects, while Jon Christopherson (Vox/Guitar) has kept constant touring with the addition of Brett Reid on Drums and Aaron (Zerk) Naveau on upright bass. The past couple years (minus 1 pandemic) have seen the Raygun Cowboys tour Europe and Canada multiple times with friends The Real McKenzies, The Dreadnoughts, and Canadian punk legends DOA.

This year the band has finally finished recording for their upcoming Stomp Records release “Bloodied but Unbroken” 10 massive tracks that will knock you on your ass and have you coming back for more. Keep your ear to the ground, new Raygun Cowboys is on its way!

For fans of: The Creepshow, The Stray Cats, The Misfits, Tiger Army, Nekromantix, Social Distortion, Rocket from The Crypt

From the press gallery:

"To say the Raygun Cowboys have had quite the career would be an understatement. After being on the scene for 15 years, putting out numerous records, losing and adding members, touring relentlessly, it seems things are only just beginning for the Edmonton rockabilly vets."Beatroute

"...a rollicking ass-kicker of an album, rocking confidently from roots-rockabilly to punk to blues then old-school country."Vue Mag

"One of Canada`s most iconic Rockabilly bands" CHLY 101.7

"Surely there isn't another band in Canada with a sound quite like the Raygun Cowboys. From one track to another, leisurely-paced rockabilly becomes lightning-speed psychobilly with a dash of brass thrown into the mix for good measure….this album proves without a doubt that the Raygun Cowboys are a force to be reckoned with"Vue Weekly

"This band really is unique with all the different styles that they play, keeping you guessing as to where they are going to go from track to track. Everything is played with conviction and love and just jumps out from the speakers and grabs you"Altered Frequencies
Stomp Records
Mike Magee: mike@unionlabelgroup.com
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JP Charest: jp@stomprecords.com
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Solar Penguin
Michel Schuh: schuh@solarpenguin.de


Fortune and Glory, Pleasure and Pain
Raygun Cowboys
“Fortune and Glory, Pleasure and Pain”
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Innocent Look
Raygun Cowboys
“Innocent Look”
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Bloodied But Unbroken
Raygun Cowboys
“Bloodied But Unbroken”
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The Cowboy Code
Raygun Cowboys
“The Cowboy Code”
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Heads Are Gonna Roll
Raygun Cowboys
“Heads Are Gonna Roll”
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