From the banks of the mighty Mississippi, Joystick! doesn't merely play Ska and Punk - they inhabit it. Built on laser tight rhythms, infectious vocals, and a fierce brass section, Joystick calls up the spirit of 90's ska/punk while still retaining a strong sense of their New Orleans roots, creating a unique sound all their own. Bombastic but never pretentious, fun but never lazy, intense ...but never serious, Joystick combines Ska, Punk, Hardcore, and Jazz to create something that's genuinely lacking in a great deal of modern music: joy.

Joystick! hit the ground running in 2008 and within four months were already on an extensive North American tour with a full length album under their belt. It's easy to tell that the octet are having the time of their lives every time they're on stage together and they transfer that unadulterated energy to the audience with a seemingly casual effort.

By 2014 Joystick! released their much anticipated second and third albums and were brought to new heights with exposure on college radio stations all over the east coast. The band's momentum continued to grow, allowing them to play sold out shows at much larger venues and festivals around North America. In late 2016 Joystick finished recording their most ambitious album to date proving once and for all that they are unstoppable and show no signs of slowing down. Sinceriously.

"Sometimes, Ska-punk can be a recipe for disaster, but there is no disaster here. There’s a lot of moving parts, but Joystick! put together a solid 12-song album with equal parts ska, equal parts punk, a hint of hardcore, a dash of dixieland, and a whole lot of catchiness."
- Punknews
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