Filthy Radicals

Filthy Radicals
Filthy Radicals
Filthy Radicals
Filthy Radicals
The name says it all. They down, they're dirty....And they're radical as fuck.The Filthy Radicals are a riotous tornado of ska-punk mayhem hailing from the very darkest corners of the Toronto underground music scene.

Sonically channeling the eternal struggle of the working class between life and debt, with a party hard, scream harder punk rock ethos.

Their unique take on skapunk and high energy, unpredictable live shows have garnered them a faithful following in North America (aptly calling themselves the Filthy Fam) ensuring that wherever they tour, they're always in their hometown.

Think if Mischief Brew, Op Ivy and Choking Victim spawned a horny, ADHD demon seed raised on a steady diet of early internet and the 90s revival scene

Come out, get down, and Stay Filthy!
Mike Magee:


The Fine Line Between Real And Insane
Filthy Radicals
“The Fine Line Between Real And Insane”
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