Doghouse Rose

Doghouse Rose
Doghouse Rose
Doghouse Rose
Doghouse Rose
Hailing from Toronto, Doghouse Rose are a fierce punk rock four piece built on perseverance with a smile. Coming from all different walks of life and musical backgrounds, they quickly formed a bond that shines through every time they take the stage.

Rooted in melodic punk with a hint of new wave and good old fashioned rock n roll, their vibrant melodies, thunderous rhythms, and candy sweet vocals deliver stories about chasing dreams, hard luck times and not taking life too seriously.

Their fast burning, immersive and often acrobatic live show coupled with touring internationally and playing over 200 shows a year has garnered them an ever growing, loyal fan-base established on genuine connection and DIY spirit.

Performing everywhere from maximum capacity festivals to maximum security prisons, Doghouse Rose have shared stages with Tiger Army, The Planet Smashers, Supersuckers, The Creepshow, Murder By Death among tons of others.

Inspired by their adventures pounding the pavement on tour and loaded with feel good, take on the world anthems, “The Harder They Fall” is an explosive and addictive album that defies all expectations.

“Once in awhile you come across a band that encompasses a look and sound unlike the standard. Doghouse Rose is not your average run of the mill band, far from it”Canadian Beats
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The Harder They Fall
Doghouse Rose
“The Harder They Fall”
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