Cardboard Crowns

Cardboard Crowns
Cardboard Crowns
From the raw tenacity of punk, the majestic swagger of ska and the boldness to mix them with whatever they goddamn please, places this four-piece of royal hooligans in a realm of their own! While wearing their own hand crafted head gear from boxes they likely found behind the bar, The Cardboard Crowns embrace a stage like 3rd graders embrace a play structure; hurling themselves across it and asking all the other kids to join in! Not to mention the mischievous maelstrom of adventure that's created by crafting crowns for the audience at their live shows, making them fun as hell!

For nearly 8 years the Cardboard Crowns have been laying down their ska- chopped tunes everywhere from dive bars to festival stages across the country, holding fast to the DIY punk-rock attitude that has resided at the band's core since its inception. In 2013, their youthful angst came out "falcon punching" on their debut EP, Long Live de Kings, which landed them a spot, and eventually a win at Ottawa's Live 88.5 Big Money Shot competition. This win has helped launch the careers of other industry stalwarts, such as, Hollerado, Amos the Transparent and The Balconies, and marked a turning point for this young cardboard ensemble.

This triumph triggered the creation of the Crowns' first full-length record, Global Citizen in 2014; an anthemic reverberation against the social injustice in the world, which was built on creamy hooks, infectious melodies and woven together with provocative lyrical poetry. The incessant touring of Global Citizen over the next two years across Canada through Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and BC, would leave the band with an aftertaste of the harshness of the road. Their tireless touring schedule would inadvertently lay the early groundwork for Hold On, in 2016, their second album and most recent release echoing the many miles endured and relationships sacrificed.

This effervescent concoction is peppered with ominous undertones, yet still simmers with vibrant guitar licks, while anchored by the inherent belief that "smooth seas don't make good sailors" as a necessary glimmer of hope. This album soon caught the attention of Fred "the Ska Boss" Tremblay of Rude Mechanicals Productions, resulting in them signing to their first label, and giving them the opportunity to tour alongside the world-renowned Voodoo Glow Skulls!

However, this was not their first rodeo with industry legends. The Crowns have had the privilege to share the stage with some of the industry's most prominent artists: Matthew Good, K-OS, The Glorious Sons, Craig Cardiff, The Planet Smashers, and The Real McKenzies, are but a few that come to mind. Jamming along side players that have been rocking the world for years continues to add fervent fuel to the hopes and dreams of the crowned brigade.
Quite like the momentum of a 1940's locomotive, the band shows zero signs of letting up. The physical amount of cardboard crowns amassing at their shows is but a demand for more and they plan to do just that! With each new experience they add wind to their sails and are eager to get back into a studio. Now based out of Toronto, the band is currently working on new material and steadying the helm for what lies ahead.

"Their sound is epic and cinematic. They're the reminder that the music that sounds the best can be the most fun to perform. You'll want to keep their album – Geneva Toddy, Creative Controle

"the entire set felt like a party, especially when what seemed like half the crowd was on stage with them" – OTTAWA SHOWBOX

"...offering music just as it should be; imaginative, passionate, and pure fun." – The Ringmaster Review UK


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