Autogramm is a weird and wild synth-heavy, power-pop new-wave four-piece with members spread across Seattle, Chicago, and Vancouver. Drawing on influences from some of the best of the best like Devo, The Cars, Gary Numan and The Go-Gos, the band also flirts with elements of retro-punk, modern pop and rock. Autogramm has a long-standing connection to the art, punk, and skateboarding communities of the various cities and scenes they have been a part of (Vancouver, Berlin, New York, Calgary, Seattle, and Chicago). They have channeled their dedication to the DIY approach into a cohesive and self-sustaining concept wherein recording, visual art, and video production are all handled by members of the band themselves. In doing so, their primary focus remains creativity and good times. Speaking of the band members, they boast a stacked line-up of players from some of the most primo international acts around; Jiffy Marx (Hard Drugs, Night Court, Blood Maridian), CC Voltage (Black Halos, Spitfires, Dysnea Boys), Lars Von Seattle (The Catheters, Bread and Butter), The Silo (Black Mountain, Destroyer, Lightning Dust). They’ve toured extensively in Canada, the US, Mexico, the UK and Europe. They’ve charted across North American campus community radio and have been in rotation at Sirius XM’s The Verge, Rodney On The Rock and Steven’s Underground Garage. So, yeah, they’re kind of a big deal :)

Autogramm’s third studio album, Music That Humans Can Play, is a hard one to pin down. It’s like as if David Bowie, The Fixx and Cheap Trick partied with Prince and recorded the whole thing. Most of the songs should probably be on the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack. For all the comparisons, it’s a shockingly unique, cohesive and refreshing album filled with new wave gems crafted with a power pop twist. Music That Humans Can Play was recorded in Vancouver BC during the heatwave of August 2022. Somehow, between visits to the beach, barbecues, and a newborn baby, the band laid down ten tracks at two sweaty studios on Vancouver’s Eastside. Music. The album was recorded by Mariessa McLeod and Joshua Wells at Rain City Recorders and The Balloon Factory in Vancouver, and later mixed by Joshua Wells at The Mango Pit in Chicago.

From the press:

You can hang this up at any eighties party and argue with anybody who says otherwise. A mash-up of new wave and powerpop” – OX Magazine

A driving power pop delight, filled to the brim with sweet hooks and expressive performances” – Under The Radar

A thick layer of New Wave with a jacket of synth-soaked power pop reminiscent of Gary Numan and his ilk.” – Slam Magazine
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Music That Humans Can Play
“Music That Humans Can Play”
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